Miley, Liam ‘is my soulmate’

May 10, 2010

Miley Cyrus talked to Manila Bulletin about her new love Liam Hemsworth. On his kissing ability: Miley said with a big smile: ‘I give him two thumbs up! Liam is a great guy. He is my soulmate and my best friend forever.’ In the past Miley said that she loves to talk so much so she doesn’t mind if her boyfriend was quiet. Is Liam quiet? ‘No. Yeah, that wish did not come true. He’s not quiet.

I am pretty quick. I jazz back and forth but somehow he always one-ups me and it really makes me angry. It’s like everything he does, he always has something that’s funnier. Just like the other day, he was talking to my dog and my dog did accidents all over the house. With a blank facial expression, he goes, ‘I am..

..so angry,’ but he didn’t look angry at all and my mom cracked up for like 20 minutes. He’s really funny and sometimes it intimidates me that everyone else laughs at his jokes and not mine. So I’m always looking for new material.’

Has love changed her life? ‘Just like in the film, love makes me feel beautiful. It makes me feel good about myself and that’s not all it is. There is someone helping complete you and you learn more about yourself. What love is is..

..just someone that continues to inspire you always and especially to be a better person. That’s what Liam does to me. That’s what Will does to Ronnie (her character in the movie). Once you have that in your life, you continue to get a better version of yourself.’


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