Lucas Till’s Last time talking to Miley

January 14, 2010

Teen Hollywood interviews Lucas Till: Who are you dying to work with? ‘I think Selena Gomez is extremely talented. I have a lot of respect for people with a lot of talent. She’s extremely pretty and a really good actress.’

Do you get to catch up with Miley? ‘Maybe a month or two ago. I’ve been in Louisiana. I haven’t even talked with my own family members for the past 4 months so it was sometime before that but often enough.’

What else is coming up for you? ‘I just wrapped this movie called Battle LA with Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez and Ne-Yo. That comes out in 2011. And I did an episode of the TV show Blue Mountain State on Spike TV, a college humor type of show about football players and what they do outside of football.’

If you could send a valentine to someone, who would it be? ‘Well, ooo yeah, Rachel McAdams! Man, she’s smokin’ hot. Even if she was not a looker, I just love her talent. She’s so good. Yeah, Rachel McAdams!’

Are you obsessed with Twitter? ‘No. I’ve never been into it. I’d rather just talk to someone or call them or text them.. not much different but everyone can read a Tweet. When people mention me, they ask why I’m not tweeting and I’ll tweet back. It serves a purpose.’


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