Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez FEUD!

January 4, 2010

NOTE: I found this on a website so I cannot confirm if this is true or anything so don’t start insulting me or anything! Please!


This is official,
not gossip.

Demi & Selena ARE in a big fight..
It’s about Taylor Lautner.

Demi dated Taylor for about two weeks.
After they broke up he started flirting with Selena.
Demi told Selena not to date him, or have anything to do with him, since he hurt her.
Selena kinda blew Demi off, and dated him anyways.
Demi got pissed, and they have been in a fight ever since.

About Demi’s birthday party tweet,
“@selenagomez I hope you can make it to my party this weekend ”

That was basically, a rubbing it in her face that she can’t come.
Selena booked her music video shoot for ‘Naturally’ the same day as Demi’s birthday party, because Demi told her repeatedly not to come, and that day was a good day to shoot it since the directors & crew were free.

Sorry to dissapoint all of you who got excited over that tweet,
they are still in a fight..
Who knows how long it will last, maybe only a couple more weeks? Maybe forever |:

Source: A close friend of Demi’s


Source: Disneychannelneeds



  1. i cant believe…is really truly sad for me.. 😦

  2. no, actually, she didn’t tell her not to come, they’re just busy, she really wanted her to come.

  3. asshole this is shit i don’t believe it it’s too sad how can u post somethin like tis is u don’t know it’s rea; or not

  4. im on demis side cuz demi told her but selena was a bad friend and ddnt listen to her plus i like demi way much better plus her music is better to:)

  5. Wow, this is aload of crap/

  6. really?im so sad…i love them both..huhuhu

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