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Joe Jonas on Demi, ‘She is my best friend. I love her very much’

January 17, 2010

Semi has come to an ending?

January 14, 2010

***I got all these quotes from J-14 Feb edition. ***

The quotes in Purple are Selena’s & The one in orange are Demi’s.
There was more quotes but those quotes I put on the picture made me upset. 😐

List of all quotes:


“Ending friendships is natural.”

“Just because your best friends with someone for a long time doesn’t mean you’ll be best friends forever.”

“Demi & I don’t really keep in touch anymore. Yes, we found other people to hang out with. Is that so bad?”

“and this is my best friend ever since we were seven tears old, i love her.”


“It feels like we changed since 2008-2009 & we both found out real friends.”

“It’s pretty sad when you think about it. We’ve been friends since forever & we’re suddenly ending it, but its for the best.”

“Selena found Taylor Swift, FTSK, Bridgit Mendler, & a lot of other awesome people.”

“I still got Jonas Brothers on my side & the Cyrus Family backing me up & other old childhood friends. That’s all I need.”

“This is my best friend in the whole entire world.”



Underaged Disney Star Becomes Blind Item

January 14, 2010

BuzzFoto – We overheard some chatter yesterday that kept us updated on some good blind item material! Friends of this Disney star gossiped that although she is young and cute with a clean image, she’s well on her way to trouble. The star they were gabbing about is underage, but is very talented in taking all types of drugs, even through ways we’ve never heard of! The friends seemed concerned about the drug use, but laughed off the fact that she is sleeping with two different older men, one that is involved with her career. Right now this star seems to be enjoying her life in the fast lane, but we wonder how long it will be until the lifestyle catches up to her! Not Miley Cyrus.


I honestly think this is all a lie but who knows… Anyone have an idea who they are talking about?


Bad girl, Noah

January 14, 2010

Miley Cyrus’s 10-year old little sister Noah (Noie if your nasty) has taken to the Internet video world once again, and this time it’s all about canes, sunglasses and plenty of beer.

Noie and her pal — rumored to be her cousin Shelby Cyrus in man drag — uploaded a video to YouTube last night of the duo singing and dancing to Ke$ha’s No. 1 single “Tik Tok.” While it starts all fun and silly, the video slowly invoked queasy feelings of awkwardness within the PopWrap office. At least the moments where we weren’t spitting out our western omelet in fits of laughter.

As the dance number (and we use that term very loosely) comes out of the gate, we see canes for props, sunglasses as costumes and jolting dance moves that would have the entire panel of “SYTYCD” hiding those tickets to Vegas.

Some of the key weird moments include when Noie zones out at the :54 second mark, almost like she is re-booting — no offense to Vicki from Small Wonder, we love you Vick. Then there is the moment when Noie mouths the words “ain’t got a care in the world, but got plenty of beer,” as she downs a Red Bull as a faux brewski. Will someone just give this girl something to do … like her homework!

I don’t know, maybe enroll her in school or see if she wants to take some ballet lessons. I’m just spit-balling here but you could also not give her a webcam and YouTube account, maybe replace it with a Bonnie Bell make-up kit and some Pound Puppies.

Source: Anything Disney


Lucas Till’s Last time talking to Miley

January 14, 2010

Teen Hollywood interviews Lucas Till: Who are you dying to work with? ‘I think Selena Gomez is extremely talented. I have a lot of respect for people with a lot of talent. She’s extremely pretty and a really good actress.’

Do you get to catch up with Miley? ‘Maybe a month or two ago. I’ve been in Louisiana. I haven’t even talked with my own family members for the past 4 months so it was sometime before that but often enough.’

What else is coming up for you? ‘I just wrapped this movie called Battle LA with Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez and Ne-Yo. That comes out in 2011. And I did an episode of the TV show Blue Mountain State on Spike TV, a college humor type of show about football players and what they do outside of football.’

If you could send a valentine to someone, who would it be? ‘Well, ooo yeah, Rachel McAdams! Man, she’s smokin’ hot. Even if she was not a looker, I just love her talent. She’s so good. Yeah, Rachel McAdams!’

Are you obsessed with Twitter? ‘No. I’ve never been into it. I’d rather just talk to someone or call them or text them.. not much different but everyone can read a Tweet. When people mention me, they ask why I’m not tweeting and I’ll tweet back. It serves a purpose.’


Miley Blogs on

January 10, 2010


Demi Lovato at People’s Choice Awards

January 10, 2010