Joe Jonas Dating Demi Lovato?

October 15, 2009


Joe Jonas has moved on to his costar Demi Lovato since breaking up with actress Camilla Belle. According to ABC News, JEMI grew close even closer after appearing in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam together. However, the pair is rumored have more than a working relationship.

Joe was caught displaying his affection for Demi on a double date at a Toronto, Canada restaurant with older brother Kevin and Kevin’s fiancee Danielle Deleasa. A source revealed: ‘They’re more than just friends.’ 

What do you guys think about this?!

Source: oceanUP



  1. I don’t think that they should date, he’s to old for her, she’s more suited to Nick not Joe

  2. Well demi had said that she never date any of them because they are like her older brothers..joe is 20 and demi is 17…demi is pretty but i dont think they should go out because there all best friends and if they DO GO OUT and something happends its going to ruin there friendship…. thankyou love ,francesca

  3. hola .. soy de paraguay y amo0o0o0 a los jonas .. especial mente a nick

  4. ojala que lean mi comentario y me responda .. solo tengo 12 años … pero ya soy muy danatica y me se todas las canciones de los jonas .. TE AMO NICK

  5. They better not be dating or say goodbye to joey bear!!!!!i don’t want them to go out joe way to old and plus they look realate like brother and sister even twins

    • age not matter!! even joe is older than demi!
      they are good couple!!!!!!!
      and they not look like TWINS!!!

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