Are Demi and Dirk Dating?

October 4, 2009

demi dirk kissing

Everyone has been wondering whether or not Demi Lovato is dating photographer Dirk Mai – Well, ZackTaylor.ca just got off the phone with a rep. for Demi who says,

“I have no comment on them dating. I cannot confirm or deny.”

Meanwhile, ZackTaylor.ca also spoke with a close friend of Demi’s who says,

“They are dating. They are trying the long distance thing out. So far so good. It’s been going on for a few weeks now. She is really happy with him!”

And Dirk doesn’t want you to judge him (and bash him) for dating Demi either – He took to his website earlier today and posted the following message,

“We are all far to fast to judge… take a step back and really think about what you “think” you know… Is it fair to criticize someone when you have never met them and really have no clue who they are? where they’ve come from… what they’ve been through… who they are… Where their heart stands… we are all of the same. Judge no one more than you’d want to be judged yourself.”

Source: Demi Web



  1. no, demi is single, that is what she says and she is says she is staying that way!

    • I love Demi and all but when it comes to dating i never believe celebrities. They always lie when it comes to that. I know they want to keep it private so why do they make it so obvious?

  2. that person only says hat they are friends with demi , but they are really not her friend! Sources and insiders say that alot and they are big fat liers!

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