Demi On Trace Breakup, Miley Support

August 20, 2009


Demi Lovato sent Miley Cyrus a text message after her breakup with Tracesaying, ‘I love you no matter what..’ They still talk all the time. Trace was recentlyspotted making out with a Demi lookalike on the sidewalk in West Hollywood for photographers. Listen to the full Mojo In the Morning interview here. Fast Forward 1/3 of the way through :]

Source: oceanUP



  1. Were Trace and Demi going out? Weird! I am a big fan of Miley!

    • Yeah they were, they didn’t last long. But i am glad to hear Demi and Miley are still friends no matter what =]

  2. awww im glad their friends no matter wat i love them!!! my two idols!!!!!

  3. miley and demi are best friends, of course miley is sopports demi no matter what! 100 percent! Demi is so lucky to have Selena and miley as her best friends!

  4. Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! you guys are crazy Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!

  5. BENNY and the JETS

  6. Awesome blog! BIG fan of Miley and Demi! If u wanna find a bit about them, visit my blog!

    Bubs 🙂

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