Sorry! =[

August 18, 2009

I am so sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve been really busy and plus i’m going on vaca for a week but I am looking for people to work on this site too! So if you are interested e-mail me your apllication at mileyanddemidaily@hotmail.com 

Just copy and paste this and just fill in your answers:

Do you have any other site? (URL):
How many times can you update during the week?:
Are you willing to dedicate enough time to Miley & Demi Daily?:
What editing programs do you have/use?:

How long have you like Miley and/or Demi? (just curious!): 

Who’s your favorite? Why? :
Ever seen them live/meet them?:

How did you hear of this site?:

Why do you want to run this site [with me :)]?:


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