‘Miley Cyrus clinging to the side of a new man’

August 12, 2009



“Oh God. Here we go again.. Miley Cyrus clinging to the side of a new 
man named Beau on Broughton Street in Savannah, Georgia recently. 
He’s supposedly over 21. So long Nick & Justin or is it just a costar?”

Source:  oceanUP

** Ok, really oceanUP?! Can people just leave Miley alone! God! She can’t take a picture with aguy because everyone starts judging her about it! She is allowed to have guy friends. just because you take a picture with guy it now means you are dating the guy?! Come on give her a break!!! Poor Miley… she has to deal with these stupid things people make up.


One comment

  1. i argee, leave miley alone! She can have guys as just friends and take pctures with them!

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