Miley, ‘Nick Jonas & I Love Each Other’

July 31, 2009


Nick Jonas revealed to M that ‘Before The Storm’ is the song that means the most to him on the Jonas Brothers new album: ‘I’m really happy with the song and am glad it was able to happen.’ Song lyrics include: ‘We were young and times we easy.. I don’t want to lose her.’ 

Nick added, ‘It’s not the end, just a new chapter.’ Miley dished on Niley: ‘Obviously Nick and I have a lot of history. We know people might ask, ‘Why would Miley be in a song?’ It’s because Nick and I love each other, think the world of each other and no matter what, we’re gonna be best friends.’

Nick revealed that he and Miley are ‘hanging out, having a good time and enjoying life. We’ve reconnected and that’s what’s important.’ Miley added, ‘I’m so happy to be in the Jonas Brothers’ lives and them in mine and my family is happy we’re hanging out again.’

Source: oceanUP



  1. that is cute!

  2. OMJ that is soooooo cute

  3. jaja puxa la pixi de maily me cae al pinxo xk es una creida osea ie jue nik kedate conmio io soi mas obnita pz amox….eia es una kzimir0o…hdp jajajaj wueno io soi me jor tengo mas cuerpo 20 30 60 jajajaja

  4. oiep q jue kOon la chOOla de arriiiba nu zabe ezkriibiir MILEY !

    xD! bajada del zerrOo eOop zii q amOO a Niley arribahw karaxOohw!

  5. I love NiLeY ❤ ❤

  6. i’m soo happy that you and Nick are got back together!!!!!

  7. don’t let go off him cause you guys are perfect for each other…

  8. you’re a merveillous coupl

  9. i think Miley is a lieing bitch.
    I should deserve NICK.

  10. nicholas tu sei la my life ma dopo di joe ovviamente…..:) joe e nick i love they

  11. mencanta como se ven asen bonita pareja me encanta que fueran novios pero selena no es muy bonita y entre miley si o.k selena

  12. i hate miley cyrus.i love nick jonas.he is my futer husband.

  13. i hate Miley Cyrus.i love nick jonas.he is my futer husband

    • nope he is mine! lol

  14. OK so is nick going out with miley or selena and just one more think l hate selena so miley and nick…. E.G not a fan of both…..

  15. ooooooooooo so cute

  16. i hate miley bez she hate arab people … miley why i love u and ur song and i learn play guitar from u and u hate arab people im arab girl thats mean u hate me 2

  17. I love miley and nick I think they make a very very very very very cute couple ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Am happy for Nick buh not for miley!
    sorry to say buh am not a fan of miley buh a big big fan of jonas brothers its good you are friends buh i dont know …………….. 😦
    am just a bit sorry for you nick!<3

  19. hey it me nick sister

  20. there sooooooooooo good together but i think im the best

  21. if realy likes miley,then i happy for him,but he should be careful

  22. i like nick i don’t want to see him hart again

  23. i think miley is a bitch and you are perfect nick say miley goodbye

  24. ok…niley is so over… it was like what a few years ago. i think nick finaly realized that he deserves better then her… just saying. Nick is too mature and sexi for her.

  25. i think u two make the best coulp…..and nick never lever here she is a nice and prtty woman….i have a bf tooo and his name is nick tooo and he is all i need in my life ❤

  26. i love u nick but i hate miley she dose no shit alll she dose is tooo get the man that are rich soo that she can get the money…….if she is going to be like to nick i willl can to her and killl her……nick is mine’s and I willl know how to that good care of him….i love u nick <3….but i hate meily sooo fuck off 🙂

  27. i lake nick bat i hate mylei


    And i am realy happy for you.I dont care if you are married,you are stil the same girl…
    I am a big fan!you are so pretty,and cool.

  29. i love you

  30. yo sup luv niley so cute togetherlater selena goomez

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