Miley was ‘Never Truly Over’ Nick Jonas

July 1, 2009


The reason Miley Cyrus dumped under wear model Justin Gaston was because she realized that she was ‘never truly over’ Nick Jonas. An inside source told FOX News that after Miley ‘reconnected’ with Nick Jonas she immediately dumped underwear model Justin Gaston because she realized she was still in love with Nick Jonas. ‘Their rekindled romance began during a Disney Channel photo shoot a few weeks ago. Miley explained to current beau Justin Gaston after the shoot that she was never truly over Nick and that all her feelings were coming back for him. Once Justin was out of the way they back together almost immediately. One day Miley was with Justin, the next she was with Nick again! His family is thrilled with the reunion. Nick’s mom always loved Miley and in light of their Disney show, JONAS taking in the ratings lately, the entire Jonas camp is excited. There’s a hope that their renewed romance will benefit everyone. They still manage to speak daily and send texts & Tweets all day long to each other. After Nick gets done performing they usually video chat online late into the night. Every night! It seems to work for them and both are happier than normal. They are very sweet together.’



  1. i really hope that nick and miley give each other another change to get back togther!

  2. how can they tweet when jb isnt following on twitter?
    and they dont have personal accounts…

    • well i guess… you see how miley always tweets lovey dovey stuff x] It’s probably for Nick and Nick knows it’s for him… i’m guessing… Lol!

  3. i dont want them to get back together i want him to be with selena 😀 no offence

  4. Hey here I am writing this post I will clarify everything was not Nick who broke up with miley miley was that close with Nick know why? that Nick did not fulfill a promise that Nick did to miley they can check in 7 THING says in one part of the song “If I promise ago do it” and also in SORRY says “sorry for not fulfilling promises” or so the point is that I think that was a broken promise.
    They know the q is reading this, do me a favor
    1) Copy this
    2) post on the pages of farandoles in everything they can to make the press “that God wants” what I came to read and publish it with that would give a boost to Nick and miley when asked to declare that all
    ♥ grasias
    please help me by reading
    this is for real fans of Niley ♥
    The love you and grasias
    by Averla read

  5. i love niley forever

  6. nooooooooooo i dont want them 2 be together…. miley is no good 4 nick…. nick is like a sweet guy and miley is not sweet….. so nop,, they dont make a cute cuple,….

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