Miley Cyrus, LIVE CHAT!

July 1, 2009


Miley is having LIVE CHAT on Sunday July 5 at 7 PM EST. Miley will answer submitted questions through a live online stream. Visitors can vote on questions they would like her to answer. Miley will answer questions with the most votes at 7 PM. Post questions at www.HannahChat.com.



  1. How possible would it be to have to do a concert for US Service members and their families overseas? For myself I’ve seen a lot of children mainly children of Enlisted soldiers as well as Officers want to see Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana in concert in Overseas locations like PACAF – Pacific Air Forces – Korea, Japan. Also USAFE United States Air Forces Europe in Germany, England, and Italy.

    For us Flightline Works launching and recovering jets we don’t always get to see our families from 12 – 14 hour work days, and would like to give our kids and family a nice concert to go to.

  2. Hi i’m taylor and i’m 1 year old and i love miley and i’m from texas 🙂 <333

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