New old Niley Picture

June 8, 2009


Miley, Noah and Nick


One comment

  1. Hey here I am writing this post I will clarify everything was not Nick who broke up with miley miley was that close with Nick know why? that Nick did not fulfill a promise that Nick did to miley they can check in 7 THING says in one part of the song “If I promise ago do it” and also in SORRY says “sorry for not fulfilling promises” or so the point is that I think that was a broken promise.
    They know the q is reading this, do me a favor
    1) Copy this
    2) post on the pages of farandoles in everything they can to make the press “that God wants” what I came to read and publish it with that would give a boost to Nick and miley when asked to declare that all
    ♥ grasias
    please help me by reading
    this is for real fans of Niley ♥
    The love you and grasias
    by Averla read

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