Trace Cyrus to Demi Lovato

June 4, 2009



Cute don’t you think?



  1. d3mi iz a ho3


    • I totally agree. she is sooo pretty and really talented! don’t listen to the haters Demi!!!!!

  3. i klove you demi

    love you loads xxxxxxxxx

  4. demi im glad yall broke up trace cyrus is cute yall dont look good together get some one better trace cyrus is is is ……….. HOT

  5. u know wat they say opposites attract ( not that i like it but o well )
    ( trace why why trace why demi!!! )

  6. hii demi i would just like to say i think ur awesemer i love u on sonny with a chance and your singing career will lead you far i bet like miley cyrus’ has. u and miley are the best with selena gomez you all should do a film together with the hot jonas brothers

    love u

  7. poor selena. :(. i think she’s left out. 😦

  8. Demi-
    I love you with all my heart. So sorry for everything I put you through…

  9. trace is so fugly and i wish demi was not dating him demi roxs so dont date bad people any more

    • Don’t be horrible!
      Calling him ugly wont make you pretty!
      They’re both really cool!!!!!!!!

  10. so great!

  11. hey wuz up

  12. اريد التعرف على اصدقاء جدد

  13. haha! I think those two are just a little to hard to forget!

  14. hey demi went to all of your concerts

  15. hello selena demi and loser trace

  16. WTF!!! I HATE HER!!! ¬¬!

    OMG!… what a F$%$…!!! whit her!!!

  17. hi demi i loce u and miley so much im you bigest fan all though im on the uther side of the world u rock

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