Demi Lovato Defends Madison

June 4, 2009


Demi Lovato defends her little sister, Madison de la Garza once again. Someone twittered Demi who blasted about Demi’s little sister’s weight! Demi responded “@Slyaida You’re REAL cool aren’t you? How old are you? You’re SICK and something is wrong with you. STOP posting on my site.” People need to stop HATING! Madison is such a cute little girl, what did she ever do to ‘@Slyaid’?!



  1. demi ur petit (little) sis is so cute. i dont even own converse

  2. who cares about weight (only someone who’s obsessed with their own, so they have a problem not Madison) she’s soo cute


    • DANG look at that hot stuff

  4. demi i strongly belive that if ppl would just get to know ppl befor they juge a book by its cover they would find life easyer. you should seriously write a song about that, and plus if ppl are going to say stuff they should seriously keep it to them selfs i mean… wow… I like your little sis she looks alot like you. Can she sing to?

  5. madison is soo adorable i love her and she’s such a great actress just lik u demi! you both are the best people in the world!

  6. This is me and my sis

    • vGod bless you, Dallas and Madison. You are all incredible in everything

    • Even tho ur probably not Demi lofatso: Demi accept that fact that your ugly sister has a HUGE weight problem and her health is at risk. By saying “My sister is beautiful, she is not even fat” I think you are secretly blond and super-stupid or you were on ‘happy drugs’ at that time. She needs a diet and exercise (one pic of her in a very unflattering ugly (perfect word to describe everything she is!) on a bike is not enough)
      and not to go on Despreate Housewives (she only got the part bc ur her sister. She suxs at acting) because the adults often say on the show how fat she is, which in the long run can wreck her 4ever. I would like to quote my previous comments on Fattison’s weight, but b4 that, I would like to put say somthing: Fattison, u r a FAT, UGLY, PIG! Piggy! Pig! Ugly SWINE. Go on and stuff ur face, bc its not possible 4 u 2 b any uglier. You are so fat u need your own zipcode. Now to quote my previous comments:

      MADISON UR A PIG! Piggy!!! Fatso! Gosh ur so ugly i cant bear to look @ u. PIG. FAT, UGLY PIG! U should feel horrible about urself. OMG UR R SO STUPID AND UGLY. UR GONNA GET SICK AND DIE. PIG! PIG! PIGGY!FATTY! OMG. how can u even look at urself?
      Comment by Demiursisisfat December 25, 2009 @ 11:22 pm

      SOOOO RITE!! I wanna start a madison de la wateverhernameis is fat and we hate her club. GODDAMMIT UR SO UGLY. Piggy is the perfect word to describe u. I hope you’re reading this because you need to know THAT WE ALL HATE YOU. You are FAT, UGLY, and a PIG. PIGGY!!!!!!!!!!! FATSO
      Comment by Demiursisisrlyrlyfat December 29, 2009 @ 3:35 pm
      HAHA! Take that you ugly Madison and Stupid, Fat, UNTALENTED Demi.
      PS This is not an attack on Demi LaFato. I just want Madison 2 feel as horrible as possible about herself because she needs 2. I HATE MADISON DE LA FAT!

      • your so mean? shes defending her little sister and i think that her sister is very beaautiful

      • wow. I guess you must know Demi’s little sister by the way you talk about her. Judging by your 2 page essay you wrote, there’s only one way to describe you HATER!!!!!!

      • u r so, so, so, so rude,hater
        You r the pig. how can you say that!!!
        You have got a heart of stone. How would you feel if that was you? Exactley. Now shut your mouth and sit back, brute!!
        Demi, you have got a cute little sister!!

      • true that your 100% right about them

      • Wow, you really took the time to comment terribly about Demi and Madison? And the fact that you judged her like that? You know them so much! ¬_¬

      • Gosh, that is the most rudest thing ever. Nobody hates her, except you. You, you, you, you IDIOT!

      • what the hell? You say its not an attack on Demi. Do you even have a brain big enough to realize how much this WILL hurt her? People like you are the kinds that will get nowhere in life with your ignorance and judgements. And if you dislike her so much why write 10 freakin paragraphs about her, your wasting time obsessing about someone you dont even like. Go get some of your low-life friends and get knocked up or something.

      • i hate her too

  7. Aww she looks so innocent! Maybe she’ll follow in demi’s footsteps n become famous 2!

  8. Aww, she is so cute. I wish ppl wouldn’t judge her, my sis is overweight too. People always ask me, why is your sis so huge.. and you’re not? I get so mad, the ignorance of people amazes me. I wonder if one day people will wake up and decide that the outside appearance of someone doesn’t matter. The world would definitely be a better place! 😀 Btw: I LOVE Madison’s outfit, especially the shoes.. SO cute

  9. she is soooo cute .
    and pretty 🙂 xxxxxx

  10. omgomg i love u demi lovato and ur little sister u guys are the best and btw u did the right think of defen

  11. Demi u and selena gomez are the best i just love both of u guys and the song Send it on was awesome! and i love ur little sister she is awesome and cute as hell ! i love her! and i love u too and btw i love ur voice im a singer myself. 🙂 ur talanted . :P:):) <33 and ignore haters they dont even have a life i guess your a famous actress and singer u should be happy 🙂 u got a lot of fans who cares about you and im one of them ! 🙂 Good luck with everything i love u demi! alot of love from natalie! <3333

  12. and pls can i get ur msn 🙂 i just love u!

  13. dearest demi i am 10 and also they tell me about my weigh exept i am skinny and people call me girrafe i am 5 feet i weigh 64 pounds and i think people should stop making fun of other people. but the good thing i want to be famouse i am going to be a disney singer i already have my cd pretty cool and plese talk to me at arabel_castillo@yahoo.com

  14. hey !!! Madison is so tenderness!!!!!she’s cute and adorable!!too nice!!!

  15. heey its natalie again 🙂 can i pls get ur msn i love uuuu ! < 333 i love u so much gosh i can even stop saying that lol :PPPP well i mean .. who doesn't love demi lovato i mean come on! 😛

  16. woops i forgot to say bye demi 😛 Well bye bye and i ❤ U! :):):):):) pls dont forget to comment back 😀

    • nar mate get a life u fat slag shes to famous to talk TO YOU! DEMI GET YOUR SISTER ON A TREADMILL OR SOMETHING SHES A FAT SLOB!!!!

      • How could you say that? Madison De La Garza is gorgeous, and she looks a lot like Demi. I will not lie and say she is skinny, but she is also not fat. She is gorgeous and curvy. Just think – If someone was talking about you the way you talked about Madison, how would you feel? Depressed, Angry, Hating, Self-conscious? See! If people keep hating others the world will never get better. Eventually people will be committing suicide (Not talking about Madison – please don’t get freaked out, Demi!) and then where will we be? So, treat people the way you would like to be treated.
        Keep Shining Demi and Maddie!

      • Anna, that’s really sweet of you to say. I totally agree!

  17. Hey, Demi i love ur show sonny with a chance i never miss any of your shows.!!!!!! i love your songs and your a great role model… ❤ xxxx

  18. i love u demi

  19. demi your cool!!!!!!!!!

  20. Demi- how old is ur sis?????? No effence but seh is HUGE. !!! I mean like no effence :(((

    <33333333333333-KELLEY HELKMON <333333

    • You know, just because you say ‘no offence’ doesn’t mean it won’t acually offend the person. Madison De La Garza is beautiful. 🙂 And So is Demi 🙂


    • be quiet jessy i bet ur fatter than madison now shut the fuck up


  23. MADISON UR A PIG! Piggy!!! Fatso! Gosh ur so ugly i cant bear to look @ u. PIG. FAT, UGLY PIG! U should feel horrible about urself. OMG UR R SO STUPID AND UGLY. UR GONNA GET SICK AND DIE. PIG! PIG! PIGGY!FATTY! OMG. how can u even look at urself?

    • SOOOO RITE!! I wanna start a madison de la wateverhernameis is fat and we hate her club. GODDAMMIT UR SO UGLY. Piggy is the perfect word to describe u. I hope you’re reading this because you need to know THAT WE ALL HATE YOU. You are FAT, UGLY, and a PIG. PIGGY!!!!!!!!!!! FATSO

      • Count me in! LOL!

    • she is not a pig u r and she is cute.

      • demi ur sister is cute everybody says that she fat dont listen to them.

    • i can’t stop laughing xD i agree though

    • Shut the fuck up u bitch.
      Demi and her sis looks really good in that pic and your just jealous that demi’s not ur sis.
      I miss when demi&selena were besties come back to us plz delena

  24. dont say bad stuff about madison everybody is fat to everybody has fatness so dont be mean to madison i love yall demi and madison

    • thanks guys DONT FORGET DECEMBER!!! lol 😀

  25. la hermana de demi parece una perra paria jijiji

  26. Man i think your overwieght and have SERIOUS self-eesteem issues and this is your way to cover it up so let it go just cause the world hates you doesn’t mean you gotta hate on a little girl! so leave MADISON DE LA GARZA ALONE! you stupid self-contious loser!

  27. ami me parese q la hermana de demi lovato no esparesida a la hermana osea a demi no

  28. Demi, your little sis is very cute but chubby, but i guess thats what makes her cute. If she thinks that shes not fat then she’s not. But you dont hav to be that harsh with your fans becuz the more you do the more youll loose. so chill. and those fans who are taking demi sides, your probably just saying that because demi saying that.

  29. Dear Demi i am 13 yrs. old and I think you rock and your sister rocks to Madison you are a beautiful girl and you will go far in life Those who stay mean stuff about you have no life the only reason why they talk about you is because they have a flaw about themselves and for who ever said that about madison on the above screen why do you have to be so ignorant have a heart that is why people who comment sucide.

    But I know madison is strong enough to avoid the comments because She has an awesome family to back her up. And you can count on me as a friend any day to back you up or just chill.
    Because wearing a size different from someone doesn’t make you fat it makes you beatiful and unique. I love you too death even if I don’t know you and I hope you go far in life because you rock it on deperate housewives

  30. You need to leave her alone do you even know what she has to put up with you can go to jail for bullying her like that

  31. omg demiursisisfat is sooo mean. why would u call her sister fat she’s adorabe. you know what? i think that girl (demiursisisfat) is fat too and she’s just blaming somebody fat so she can feel good about yourself 😛

  32. Okay…first off madison only seven years old!! I think some of you immature ppl here have forgotten that she’s chubby and she’s very beautiful and hopefully she knowns it GOD made madison just the way she is and he makes no mistakes so PLEASE leave the poor kid alone maybe she’ll slim down as she grows and gets older way too go demi for defending your lil sis!! GOD BLESS!!

  33. I want know when you come to italy because I’m italian people please tell me this or write me a messange on facebook my name’s chiara benincasa and I have miley’s photo whit blue dress

  34. im not one of demi’s biggest fans so im not just saying this because i like her but its great she defended her little sis like that like madison is a cute little girl and its just baby fat so for all of u who keep riteing bad things to her u ppl got no life and maybe ur just concerned wit ur own weight and if god made her that way then he just did so it none of ur probelm if shes fat or not so suck it up and get a life and stop pickin on her she a little girl were all human

  35. Demi i want u to know that u and ur sister r pretty in fact no one has to tell u that cause u know that already plzplz rite back to bmilm@yahoo.com and my facebook is Mckayla Ibarra

  36. she is very fat but kinda cute she needs alot of excrise if u want her to live she is a very fat sister u got but demi u were fat on barney 2

  37. than biotifol

  38. me caes muy bien demi y tambien tu hermana ok saludos de pati

  39. demi was a chubby kid and just look @ her now

  40. que fea esta su hermana

    • your crazy :C

  41. your little sister is so cute. You and your sister are both very good at acting.

  42. your little sister is so cute. You and your sister
    are both very good at acting

  43. Who ever posted all of those mean LIKE REALLY MEAN comments must have been looking in a mirror and the words were reflecting ON THEM and to talk about someone like that is just plaine right rude and no one she even sAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT BECAUSE SHE IS THE CUTEST LITTLE GIRL i’VE EVER SEEN AND pROBELY THE SWEETEST SO NEVER DO THAT


  45. she looks pretty, pink is a good color on her i think when she grows up, she’ll be famous. Demi you look pretty too, wow i can’t stop staring at the picture she looks really beautiful and love her outfit!!! 😀

  46. I saw Madison on Sonny with a chance that show is funny i can’t wait when new episodes show up on sonny with a chance.Demi next time you make a new episode can you put Madison in it she’s sooooooo cute!!!!! 😀

  47. if i would write a poem i would write it about Madison saying I think she’s pretty, Madison is my inspiration to singing, she makes my eyes go wow she’s beautiful, and thats my poem hoped you liked it i just made it especially for her!!! : D

  48. I feel sorry for you people !You have nothing to do beside post rude comments about this girl !I wonder what she has done to you. I mean it’s not even your busniss if she’s fat or not !Can’t you just STOP you losers??? I bet your just jealous because she’s somebody !!! You losers ughhhh why can’t people just STOP hating and try to be nice !!!! Go get a life

  49. hey demi and madison im diana and i think that people are not being cool about your sister your sister is soooo cuteeeeee i get picked alot in school because of how skinny i am and because of where i come from i think its realy stupid that people would be making fun of your little cute sister



  50. I KNOW RIGHT people are treating her unfairly because of her weight its too dumb for people to do that

  51. you guys should think about what you say before you say it or post it ok beacuse what you post is going to hurt that little cute girl and nobody thinks its cool ok so pleaseeeeeeee stop making fun of her because she is adorible

  52. demi i love your songs and your little sister i think you should sing a song you and your little cute sister

  53. i think that was a good thing you did demi

  54. How can you guys say that about Demi’s sister? You wouldn’t like it if someone said that stuff about you would you? No you wouldn’t. Surely if someone said the exact same stuff your saying about Demi’s sister to your sister you wouldn’t like it. So i suggest that you shut up and realize that the outside doesn’t matter. So shut up and stop posting on this website if you don’t like it then get out of here. Anyway Demi your sister is so cute! I love her outfit! She is very lucky to have a sister like you.

  55. Honestly guys… her sister is extremely overweight. Pretty much obese. I don’t say that to be mean, I say it just because it’s true. She seriously needs to exercise or talk to a pediatrician, because right now, the risk of her suffering from diseases or heart attacks is about 15x the risk for most girls her age.

    She really, really needs to lose weight.

  56. To all the people who think Madison is overweight- Look, SO MANY people have gotten caught up on how supermodels look and have start thinking that THAT’S how people should look. Honestly, for Madison’s age, she’s not far from average on her weight. I feel bad for the people who are leaving rude comments about Madison, because it just goes to show that they have nothing better to do with their time.

  57. hi u and selena are the best i love u both i think that u are all gerat singers 🙂 ur the best and demi ur sis is so cute howold is she i love her to xxx 🙂

  58. Awww I love her and her style good on ya Demi for sticking up for her. And WHO CARES about her weight!

  59. She Probally Is Chubby But So What … She’s Still Very Very Cute And Probally U R chubby Ureselfs PPL

  60. She’s so cute! People need to stop picking her what is she like 10?! Shes a innocent child grow up!! Let her be a kid without hate. She will probably grow up and see all this and probably starve herself. Urgh makes me so mad.

  61. u guyz r mean who ever said that so wat shes big andim fat to so deal with that mean ugly bastards bitches u guz r jealous just because shes rich and u guyz r poor jealous of every thing she has so shut the fuck up

  62. LOL who dressed her?

  63. awwww you two are adorable!!!!:D
    ❤ demi is what keeps me alive<3
    youre the reason my scars arE HEALING<3

  64. i love u demi!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. im not gonna lie her sister is over weight. i was over weight as a child too. it left alot of emontinal scars. they should seriously get her on a diet though. growing up over weight is not fun. loosing weight was the best thing i ever did!

  66. She’s ugly. just like demi. Demi has no idea of how many people make fun of her hideous sister i hope she dies

  67. To be honest demi lovato is way more beautiful than her little sister and she’s in a healthy shape. Her little sister is fat, she’s not that good looking and she needs to lose about 90 pounds. Fat fuck!

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