Demi Lovato… Looking for a BOYFRIEND!

May 29, 2009

demi-lovatodemi boyfriend



  1. Oh Demi, you are so cute, I love you so so much.
    I wish to get to US one day so I can run to you, just to see you and to talk with you!!!!

  2. i want to meet u to and all my other fans love you all sobs sobs sobs demi

  3. I love u demi u r the best in the world. I’m sorry I missed u in concert ur biggest fan.

  4. yo whats up girl yea it me vj u look cute so i herd tha u wana boyfrend

    so please e-mail me if you want i am a really nice person i am not 30 i am 16 years ols and i am not one of those people that just playing this is from my heart.

    “love is like a song you cant forget it by demesteria lovato from vj
    i love you e-mail me back

  5. I love demi lovato i am ur biggest fan i love all ur songs,and + we got the same name my name is demi,@ school they call me demi lovato,but i think that ur pretty,funny,and i think that u r a great actress and singer i want to be just like u when i grow up i love u!!!

  6. gud goto je

  7. Demi deserves the best and only the best. I’d do anything for her. Who knows? Goya hope and pray.

  8. hi demi selena miley emily and jonas are really good i think they are really good t singing and i am there bigest fan xxxx

  9. demi your so hot and beautiful i wish i had a girlfriend like u!!! 😀
    hope u write back

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